Next Generation Wallet for NavCoin

We are building a new generation modern and stylish desktop wallet

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Open Source

Next is open source project and everyone can contribute.

Cross Platform

NEXT, runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Fast & Lightweight

Next is an extremely fast and light wallet.

Modern User Interface

Easy to use, simple and elegant user interface.

Full Node

Next is a wallet that supports full node. You can earn %5 interest with Next.

In-Wallet Proposal Tab

Proposal tab will allow users to view all proposals and/or easily create a proposal.


In the future we have some exciting and ambitious projects for Next.


Decentralized peer to peer shopping.

Valence DApps

Decentralized Blockchain application developing on Valence platform.

App Store

Decentralized Application Store built with Valence Platform.


You can download alpha versions below



1.0.2 Alpha - 09-06-2018
  • Added "Store" section for merchants.
  • Added "Staking Report" section.
  • Added "Console" section.
  • Added "NavCoin Daemon Logs" section.
  • Added "Peer List" section.
  • Added "Soft Forks" section.
  • Added "NavCoin Accepted Here" section.
  • Added "Instant Network Switch" button for easily change network between mainnet/testnet/devnet.
  • Added "Open Data Folder" button to Settings.
  • Added "Configuration File Editor" to Settings.
  • Added "Show Master Private Key" button to Settings.
  • Added "Sign Message" to Settings.
  • Added "Verify Message" to Settings.
  • Added "Table View" button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Search" button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Proposals by Status" information box to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Payment Request List" for each proposal in Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Direct Donate" button for accepted proposals.
  • Added "Create Payment Request" button to "My Proposals" section for accepted proposals.
  • Added "Total Donation Amount" and "Number of Donors" info to Community Proposals section.
  • Added transfer type filter to Transactions section.
  • Added "Hide zero balances" button to Receive section.
  • Added "Private Payment/Anonymous Send" option to Send section.
  • Added CoinMarketCap actual data for NavCoin.
  • Added "Auto Update" feature for application.
  • Added "Context Menu".
  • Added "Owner/Team Members", "Web Site URL", "Contact E-mail", "Proposal Short Description","Proposal Long Description" fields to "Create Proposal" section.
  • Upgraded NavCoin Daemon version to "v4.2.0-cold-staking".
  • Redesigned "News" section.
1.0.1 Alpha - 30-04-2018
  • Added support for mainnet.
  • Added random password generation for NavCoin Daemon.
  • Added secure wallet password support.
  • Added address book. (Jonathan)
  • Added "Please Wait" screen while application exiting.
  • Added "Categories" button to "Community Fund" section for filter by Proposal Category. (e.g. Social Event, Marketing)
  • Added "Filter" button to "Community Fund" section for filter by Proposal Status (e.g. Pending, Accepted, Featured)
  • Added "Community Fund Stats" info box to "Community Fund" section for display actual Community Fund values like Available NAV, Voting Period Start/End.
  • Added progress bars for each proposals Yes/No votes.
  • Code signing was done for MacOS.
  • Now asking for wallet password when sending NAV.
  • Homepage now lists only Featured Proposals.
  • Fixed transactions not displaying correctly. (LordNelsson)
  • Social media links now open on default browser. (LordNelsson)

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